Celebrate Inclusive Learning with Microsoft IncludEd

January 24, 2018

IncludEd: All Learners Welcome. A partner project between Microsoft, Inclusive Education Canada, and Fair Chance Learning

This February, we're celebrating National Inclusive Education Month with Microsoft IncludEd! Together with our partners Inclusive Education Canada and Fair Chance Learning, we want to explore all the ways the classroom is becoming an empowering space for diverse students with all kinds of abilities and learning styles. We believe that technology can empower every person on the planet to achieve more.

We're always inspired by Canada's commitment to inclusion, so to kick off the month, we want to hear how accessibility and inclusivity have made an impact in your life. We're asking Canadians on social media to share stories of how they've seen inclusion in action. From February 1st to 9th, share your story of accessibility and inclusion in a post or video with the hashtag #MSFTIncludEd, and we'll share it with Canadians everywhere!
It can be a story about a time you or someone you know went the extra mile to be inclusive. You can tell a story about how accessible technology has made amazing things possible. It could be a simple story of how a teacher or school are working to include everyone by providing accessible teaching. Inclusion is inspiring, and we want to share that inspiration!

As part of Microsoft IncludEd, we're also asking Canadians to nominate a school that's done amazing work with accessibility and inclusion. The winning school will receive 15 HP X360 devices and an HP Sprout, all equipped with Windows 10 and its full suite of accessibility features. This is a great chance to celebrate the heroes of inclusion in your community. You can enter your nomination at microsoft.ca/includEd.
You can also find webinars and in-person learning events designed to help educators and parents of students with special needs empower learning. They'll be running throughout February, so find a date that works for you.

Together let's empower every Canadian student to achieve more!

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