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October 13, 2017

A teacher speaks to a student, with the headline "MIE Expertise"

The Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts are a special kind of teacher. They're passionate, forward-thinking, and they have a wealth of expertise. In our mission to help educators across Canada achieve more, we want to give the MIEE community the chance to share that knowledge and support students across Canada. So we're launching a drive to share resources​ with the wider education community. We're excited to announce #MIEExpertise​!​

You've seen the resources and lesson plans that the Microsoft Educator Community has to offer​. There's already some amazing teaching support available! But we want to fill the community with content from Canadian educators. So just in time for September, we're asking MIEEs across Canada to contribute lesson plans and resources over the course of the fall, then share their work and be recognized for their excellence.

How can you get involved?​

Step 1: Start by thinking of a tool or area of education that you're passionate about. Do you have an awesome set of OneNote hacks to streamline the collaborative classroom? Are you an accessibility maven who can help Canadian educators reach and teach more students? ​Have you adopted the latest piece of classroom tech and think other teachers could benefit from your experience? Head over to the ​Microsoft Educator Community's Create and Share a Lesson section​ and create your own lesson before November 1st.
Make as many as you'd like. Whatever you think will benefit the teaching community is fair game!

Step 2: Once your lesson plan is complete, share it out on social media using the hashtag #MIEExpertise. We'll keep an eye out and help amplify your work so it can benefit other educators.​

Step 3: Let us celebrate your work! We'll be looking for lessons we think can benefit Canadian educators, and sharing them out. Once November rolls around, we'll be choosing three of the most innovative or helpful lessons and highlighting them on our blog. It's a great way to build your profile and portfolio as an MIEE.

We can't wait to see what our Canadian community creates!​

​Let's make this a year to remember in Canadian Schools!

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